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Bill Simmons to Doc Rivers: 'I'd be careful, Glenn'

Bill Simmons is engaged in a war of words with Doc Rivers. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Bill Simmons is engaged in a war of words with Doc Rivers. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images the New Yorker)

The war of words between ESPN analyst Bill Simmons and former Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers has escalated following their tense exchange during the NBA draft on ESPN on Thursday night.

Rivers claimed that Simmons wrote letters and "did everything he could" to get him fired. Simmons fired back on Twitter by telling Rivers to be careful and that Rivers' quotes are a "100 percent lie."

During the draft broadcast Thursday night, ESPN's Shelley Smith interviewed Rivers, now the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, and asked him about Simmons' allegations that he quit on the Celtics.

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"I would call him an idiot, but I'm too classy for that," Rivers said.

Simmons, working as an analyst for ESPN during the draft, said that Rivers keeps changing his story about his departure as the Celtics' head coach and that he would believe him once he sticks to a story.

Rivers appeared on The Dan Patrick show this morning and said that the Celtics were looking to unload contracts for draft picks in an attempt to rebuild. The Celtics traded Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Nets in exchange for a package of players and three first-round picks. Rivers claimed that he was one of the contracts that the Celtics were exploring to trade. He went on to dismiss Simmons' assertions that he quit on the team and called the analyst a "fan."

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