By Scooby Axson
January 15, 2014

Kobe Bryant was among NBA players appearing with Billy Hunter during 2011 labor talks. (Patrick McDermott/Getty) Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter are seen together discussing the 2011 labor talks. (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

A judge ruled Wednesday that former National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter's suit against his former employer for breach of contract can continue, reports the Associated Press.

The judge also ruled most of his claims against Oklahoma City Thunder guard Derek Fisher be dismissed and that all charges against a former publicist that used to work with Fisher be tossed out as well.   Only two of the 14 charges against Fisher remain.

Hunter said that Fisher and others undermined his authority during the 2011 lockout and cost him his job.

Hunter also said he had a valid contract when he was fired during the All-Star Break last year and says he is owed more than $10.5 million. The NBPA still has not named a replacement for Hunter.

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Fisher was the players rep president for the league and when his term ended, Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul was voted in.

"Today proved that Mr. Hunter's claims continue to be both farfetched and offensive," Fisher's attorney Andrew Kassof said.. "It has been clear that Mr. Hunter filed this case in retaliation to my clients' efforts in protecting the NBPA and its players. Today's ruling establishes once again that my clients acted properly and in the organization's best interests."The union still hasn't replaced him. 

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