Morten Andersen: It's time for a kicker or punter to make the Hall of Fame

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Morten Andersen says it's time for a kicker or punter to receive some much-deserved recognition. (Rex Brown/Getty Images)

The NFL's all-time leading scorer, Morton Anderson says it's time for a kicker or punter to be in the Hall of Fame. (Rex Brown/Getty Images)

Morten Andersen, the NFL’s all-time leading scorer, is one of 15 finalists for this year's Pro Football Hall of Fame class. He has played in more games than any other player in league history. But he's also a kicker, an extremely rare sight in the Hall of Fame.

There will be one kicker and one punter eligible for election to the Hall of Fame when voters make their choices Saturday, and Andersen said he thinks it's time for a kicker or punter to make it to the Hall of Fame, according to ESPN. From the report:

“I think it’s due time for a kicker or punter to get into the Hall so Jan Stenerud has some company,” Andersen said -- referring to the only true kicker in Canton -- who was enshrined 23 years ago.

“I think the time is right,” Andersen said. “I think kickers have been at the forefront for the last number of years, playing at a high level. More games than ever are being decided by three points or less. The position is relevant.

"And it’s being talked about. These guys are getting so good that we have to change the rules.”

Andersen was referring to the discussion about eliminating the extra point, which he said is like "messing with apple pie and Chevrolet." Instead, Andersen proposed establishing a longer extra point.

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The seven-time Pro Bowler and three-time first-team All-Pro spent the vast majority of his 25-year NFL career with the Saints and Falcons. He had short stints with the Giants, Chiefs and Vikings as well.

Andersen will also be rooting for punter Ray Guy, one of the two senior nominees that will be considered Saturday. From ESPN:

“The most important thing," Andersen said of his Hall of Fame hopes -- whether it be himself or Guy or Gary Anderson or Adam Vinatieri or someone else kicking down the door, "I want to recognize the position in the context of the history of the game. (Kickers in recent generations) have made a significant contribution and also changed the way the position was viewed. “I think you can make that argument for Ray Guy. I won’t say whether you can make that argument for me -- I’ll let you decide. But I think there are several guys who have.”