Report: MLB to immediately implement adjusted transfer rule

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Ben Zobrist's transfer drop in April was one of the controversial calls that has led to a reported rule change. (AP)

Ben Zobrist's drop in April was one of the controversial calls that led to a reported rule change. (AP)

Major League Baseball's first tweak to the replay era will be instituted Friday with a new interpretation of the transfer rule, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports.

Rosenthal cites major-league sources as saying -- starting Friday night -- umpires will revert to past definitions of the transfer rule that caused some controversial "no catch" calls when fielder's dropped the ball while making a transfer early this season.

A catch, forceout or tag will be considered legal if a fielder has control of the ball in his glove, but drops the ball after opening his glove to transfer the ball to his throwing hard, sources said. No longer will the fielder be required to successfully get the ball into his throwing hand.

Rosenthal reports players union officials met with MLB executives last week to voice their displeasure with the new "catch" definition used in this first season of expanded replay. MLB officials reportedly agreed that a change was needed and collaborated this week with both the players union and umpires union to alter the rule's interpretation.

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