Vergara playing hardball with Deportivo over Bravo

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Omar Bravo's failed stint with Deportivo la Coruña has his future in limbo as he is no longer wanted by the Spanish club and in Mexico his elevated transfer fee has few if any clubs willing to negotiate.

"No team has approached us, except for, Atlante president Jose Antonio Garcia with an indecent proposal in which they want to abuse Omar," claimed Jorge Vergara in an interview with Mexican radio station Estadio W. The Chivas de Guadalajara owner still holds Bravo's rights within Mexico and any negotiation in the Mexican league must include his blessings.

"Garcia, and [Deportivo la Coruña president Cesar Lendoiro] who is just like him, want Omar to play for Atlante for six months without any costs," Vergara said, "supposedly they will elevate his value in the Peace Cup and in the [FIFA Club's World Cup] to then sell him in December at which point we would all share the transfer fee. Chivas will not do that, we are not crazy. Omar is a human being and he does not deserve that, we are still friends and I do nothing that would be the correct thing to do."

Vergara claimed that teams wanted to pull a fast one on his club.

"Jose Antonio wants to do some trickery and take advantage of Omar and we will not play that game," continued Vergara about his refusal to negotiate with Atlante. "Omar can come to any team in Mexico, except Atlante, and we would gladly facilitate any transaction, we would not block a transfer; we have not even thought about money, we want him to return to a decent and sane team," explained the Chivas owner.

Vergara said he would welcome Bravo's return to Chivas but given Deportivo's high pretensions that is no longer possible.