Artur Boruc tries to get fancy, fails, gifts Arsenal opening goal vs. Southampton

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Artur Boruc conceded another goal to forget on Saturday against Arsenal (Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Artur Boruc

It's not very often, in watching a top-flight soccer game, that you find yourself yelling something as basic as "kick it!" at the television. Not "finish it" or "clear it" or "play it wide." Just "kick it." Anywhere. Any way. Just make contact on the ball, with your feet, in a way that propels said ball to a different place. Perhaps that's rare because most professional players have mastered this skill.

Apparently Southampton goalkeeper Artur Boruc hasn't. The Polish custodian received a back pass in the first half of the Saints' clash against Premier League leaders Arsenal today, and he did....this [GIF after the jump]

(H/t KickTV)

(H/t KickTV)

C'mon, dude. Kick it!

That's Olivier Giroud applying the finish, giving Arsenal a 1-0 lead over 3rd-placed Southampton. He may never score an easier one.

The goal is the second in recent games that Boruc would like to forget. Three weeks ago his bad positioning allowed his opposite number Asmir Begovic to score from 100 yards out.

tied with Tottenham for best in the league