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Timbers transport log from Portland to Columbus for MLS Cup

The Portland Timbers are bringing their trademark log to Columbus for MLS Cup. In an act of true gamesmanship, the Crew counter by changing their stadium policy to prohibit it from entering MAPFRE Stadium.

The Columbus Crew may be hosting MLS Cup, but the Portland Timbers are doing what they can to make MAPFRE Stadium feel like home.

The Timbers are transporting a log from Oregon to Ohio for Sunday's championship match in an attempt to mimic the set-up they have at Providence Park, where Timber Joey is stationed in front of the Timbers Army and cuts a slab of wood for every goal the Timbers score and every clean sheet the club posts.

Portland was stopped short of setting up the log in the stadium for Timber Joey and his trademark chainsaw, as the Crew altered their stadium policy ahead of the match. The new stadium rules conveniently prohibit "chainsaws" or "logs of any wooden variety" from entering the premises. 

That's not stopping the Timbers from hauling the log 2,400 miles and 36 hours across the country. Anything in the name of tradition.