You will want to watch this Messi training goal in slow motion

We’re talking about practice.
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We’re talking about practice. Not the game, practice.

Lionel Messi is no less absurd when kicking it around at Barcelona training sessions, and we have been gifted with video of whatever you want to call this goal.

I had to watch it like four times to figure out what happened.

Okay, this video is grainy and I can’t tell who’s who, but let’s try this: there’s one guy who just tries to fall down and be an obstacle, another guy who halfheartedly stabs at the ball, and then the other guy in blue (who’s on Messi’s team) who just jumps up and down, probably because he knows it’s about to go down. He then appears to kick the ball through two people’s legs, first the keeper and then another guy who totally fails at, you know, kicking the ball away from the net.


- Jeremy Woo