Bayern Munich Star Discusses His Passion for Music & Reveals Pre-Match Song Choice

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Bayern Munich defender David Alaba has openly discussed his passion for hip-hop, a hobby outside the game of football that has provided the Austrian with a great deal of enjoyment. Music has been a huge part of the player's life since childhood, as his Nigerian father, George, enjoyed a career as a renowned rapper, claiming a golden disk for chart hit 'Indian Song'.

Speaking to Bayern Munich's Official Website, the 25-year-old gave an in-depth interview on the second love of his life, music, revealing some fascinating insights into his relationship with the noble art-form:

"I listen to songs that spur me on then. Music plays an important role in my life."


Alaba's sister, Rose May, succeeded in winning a television talent contest for musical groups in 2011. Now branching out into a solo career, the singer appears to have a bright future ahead of her. Speaking proudly of his sister's achievement's Alaba claimed:

"She's on a very, very good way. When I'm with my sister I like to sing along once in a while but she teases me, telling me I can't sing. But it's true, I don't share her talent."

Turning his attention to the often embarrassing topic of his first CD, the player conceded:

"I think it was NSync's Winter Album. At 13 we listened to The Diplomats, Mike Jones, Nelly and Juelz Santana. Later I also listened to R&B, Chris Brown in particular, and I liked Mario too. I really like Paul Kalkbrenner's Sky and Sand."

The six-time Bundesliga champion also revealed his attempts to integrate his love of music with his footballing career, naming the song that inspires him before stepping out on the hallowed green turf of the Allianz Area:

"It changes from time to time. But one song is always part of it: R Kelly's The World's Greatest. It spurs me on extremely. When he raises his voice in the second part - that's impressive."