Sunderland Midfielder Darron Gibson Faces Disciplinary Hearing After Drunken Attack on Teammates

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Sunderland midfielder Darron Gibson is set to face an internal disciplinary hearing after video footage has shown him going on a rant after his side's 5-0 loss to Celtic on Saturday.

Gibson made his way into a local pub before going on a drunken outburst - taking aim at his teammates' performances. The club have now released a statement regarding the hearing.

"Darren Gibson [sic] has not conducted himself in a manner befitting Sunderland Football Club," The statement reads, according to the Sunderland Echo.

"As a consequence, we will initiate our internal disciplinary process to deal with the matter.

"Darron has apologised this morning."

The rant goes hand in hand with a lot of swearing; Gibson obviously feeling strongly about what is currently going on within the club - and even threatened a fan during his outrage:

“We’re s***. Of course I’m bothered, I don’t want to be s***. There are too many people at the club who don’t give a f***. You tell me who doesn’t want to be at the club?” Gibson said in the video, via the Mirror.


“Right, there’s one.” He said in response to Lamina Kone's name being mentioned; followed by names such as Jeremain Lens and Wahbi Khazri cropping up, to which he “Next one.” after each.

A fan then told Gibson: “You’re off you’re f****** face in here.” 

The midfielder replying with: “Right. I might be off my face in here but I still want to play for Sunderland. The rest of them f***ing don’t though.”

And finally, after being informed about a fan claiming that he didn't try in their game against Celtic, Gibson threatened to attack the supporter.

“Get him here now. I’ll punch his f****** head in,” he said.

What will happen to Gibson remains to be seen, but the 29-year-old runs the risk of being sacked.