By 90Min
August 15, 2017

Borussia Dortmund have accepted the €100m departure of their 20-year-old winger Ousmane Dembele to Barcelona, but are holding out for an extra €30m in add-ons before finalising negotiations.

According to Sport sources, talks between both the clubs are progressing quickly, seemingly making it only a matter of time before the add-on aspect of the alleged transfer deal is agreed upon.


In addition to the initial fee, Dortmund are pursuing an extra €30m based on the player’s performance and Barça’s future success - covering potential games, goals and titles Dembele may rack up whilst in Catalonia.

Barcelona think this extra fee on top of the price Dortmund are initially asking for Dembele is too high, and want to reduce either the upfront cost or the hefty bonus fee the German side are chasing.

Either way, the signing of Dembele by one of the world's biggest clubs is edging ever closer - and if the move does go ahead, it could certainly have possible ramifications in terms of the much-reported Philippe Coutinho transfer saga.

In the wake of Neymar's sensational departure to PSG, both Dembele and Coutinho have been generally accepted to be the best replacements for the Brazilian forward at Barcelona.

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