By 90Min
August 20, 2017

Mesut Ozil is often the target for criticism from both opposing and Arsenal fans it seems. Whether it be justified or not, he just is.

The Germany international, certainly over the past year or so, seems to struggle to influence games in the same way he used to in his Emirates early days and when he was at Real Madrid.

David Rogers/GettyImages

He remains a phenomenal player on his day, though and some people will tell you that he is often made an unfair scapegoat.

But that didn't stop the Stoke Police, of all people, doing jokes about the midfielder, who admittedly put in another underwhelming performance at the bet365 Stadium against the Potters.

A fan named Jordan, who goes by the Twitter handle @TheIwobiEffect, hit the coppers up on the social media site to 'report a robbery'.

Such is the way football Twitter works, one can only assume that he was preparing some next level banter of his own, but the police only got in there first and pulled some utter savagery at the expense of Arsenal's much-maligned star.

They replied to the fan: "Apologies in the delay in replying. We've been busy looking for a missing person, surname Ozil. Have you seen him? #Banter."

#Banter indeed.

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