Arsenal Publish Ridiculously Inappropriate Wenger Interview on Transfer Deadline Day

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I'll warn you now Arsenal fans, you aren't going to be too pleased with this one.

Arsenal have posted one of the most ridiculous interviews with Arsene Wenger on the Arsenal club website, where Wenger talks about how 'red hot' his phone is on deadline day.

“I wake up very early every day, transfer deadline day or not. You’re on alert and you look around Europe. The phone is red-hot most of the time," claimed Wenger.

"It depends whether you’re a buyer or a seller, or whether you’re both. If you’re a buyer, you have to put pressure on a club very early because you know you need some time for administration, for regulations, to get approval from the Premier League, to finalise their contracts."

Arsenal fans will claim that Wenger doesn't have any right to comment on what it's like to be a buyer. Posting that is certainly a bold move by Arsenal's media team, given the fans' current frustration toward the club and its lack of signings. Nevertheless it's definitely asking for trouble.

Either way it's definitely an inappropriate interview to post on this day of all days, given Arsenal have not spent a penny since Lacazette. But the interview didn't stop there:

“Usually, your lawyers inside the club are on alert and know they will have a sleepless night. Then there’s a transfer deadline that you have to respect. Usually, it’s not an enjoyable day because it’s a huge pressure on the day," said Wenger.

“When you sell, it’s similar because the club who buys has to make the decision and the player has to agree on the last day. There’s a lot of uncertainty on the day and sometimes that is the most difficult thing."

Arsenal just sold Oxlade-Chamberlain to Liverpool and don't look like signing a replacement, while Man City are still desperate to sign Sanchez. No doubt Arsenal fans will become even more frustrated at the lack of signings, while letting good players go, after this interview.

Oh dear Arsenal, you really haven't helped your situation with this one.