Report: 'Close Friend' says Kim Jong-un is a Manchester United supporter

The North Korean dictator is evidently a fan of the Red Devils.
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It's not often anything related to politics gets discussed at 90min. 

However, when one hears news about which football club North Korea's leader and nuclear war provoker Kim Jong-un supports, it would be remiss of us to miss an opportunity to report on it.

So, who does the dictator of the growing nuclear power hold in high esteem then?

Is it moneybags Paris Saint-Germain? La Liga giants Barcelona? Or someone a tad more obscure. Well it's none of those. It's Manchester United, according to The Sun.

The red top gained an exclusive interview with one of the tyrant's closest friends - Italian senator Antonio Razzi, strangely enough - who informed him that his love for the Red Devils and how he hardly misses a chance to watch the world's best club and continental tournaments.

Razzi also went on to describe how Kim expects North Korea's best players to be plying their trade in the Premier League in the not-too-distant future too - with wonderkid Han Jwang-song currently tearing it up for Perugia in Serie B right now.

While South Korea's Ji-sung Park is a famous alumnus of Man Utd, Kim's notoriously strict rules over his citizens leaving the country mean it might be a while before the Red Devils have a North Korean star among their ranks.