Tottenham Need to Increase Star's Wages or He Will Look Elsewhere Claims Jamie Redknapp

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Television pundit and former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jamie Redknapp has stated that Spurs need to bring Harry Kane's wages in line with other top Premier League players or risk losing one of their most valued assets. 

The 24-year-old signed a new deal during 2016 with a reported weekly salary of around £100k, an agreement that keeps him with the North Londoners until 2022. 

However, the 44-year-old analyser believes the Wembley Stadium chiefs need to re-address that figure, or the prolific frontman, who netted twice in the Lilywhites' 3-2 win over West Ham United on Saturday, could be drawn away with a bigger offer. 

During the summer Tottenham offloaded right-back Kyle Walker to big-spenders Manchester City for around £50m, and Redknapp fears Kane could be another to follow that path out of the club if his wages are not increased. 

"Everything is there for him at Spurs", the former England international told Sky Sports

"They have a great young team but it's a case of rewarding him. Make it right that he stays at Tottenham.

"Whatever the top player in the country is on, he should have parity. It's as simple as that.

"I think the cat is out of the bag now, everyone knows how much the top players are on. Kyle Walker will be telling his mates how much he's earning at Manchester City and that will be a problem."

But Redknapp is not the only one who thinks there is a possibility the striker could become discontent in comparison to his fellow Premier League stars. 

Teddy Sheringham, currently Tottenham's all-time top-flight highest goalscorer with 92 - just 10 more than Kane, also thinks if the Englishman does not see a wage increase then he could well move on. 

"If he is not happy at Tottenham his agent will make it known and he will go wherever he wants to go, he's that good", the 51-year-old added. 


Spurs' reluctancy to match other spenders in the league when it comes to wages is one that continues to frustrate fans, and if Daniel Levy is not prepared to bring his players' salaries in line with the club's rivals there could well be a mass exodus within the group that boss Mauricio Pochettino has worked so hard to evolve.