Craig Shakespeare Reveals the True Extent of Jamie Vardy's Niggling Hip Injury

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After sustaining a hip injury at Huddersfield two weeks ago, Leicester City have revealed the extent to which star striker Jamie Vardy has been effected by the blow.

Quoted in the Leicester Mercury this week before the weekend's game against Bournemouth, Craig Shakespeare revealed that the 30-year-old's injury has prevented him from training this week as he takes pain-killing injections combined with recovery sessions in the past fortnight. 


However, shakespeare insisted that he expects Vardy to play against Bournemouth on Saturday afternoon at Dean Court - adding that it would be important for Vardy to miss out on International duty next week in order to recover effectively. 

“He didn’t train until Thursday last week,” Shakespeare said. “He has been a bit under the weather this week but we have been managing his hip as well, so it is his first time on the grass on Thursday.


“I am hoping there is no reaction. The reason I am telling you that is to make sure you are always aware of the challenges players going on international duty brings, with some we have been managing and trying to get them through games."

Shakespeare insists that Vardy is not unfit but rather needs time to fully regain fitness in the days to come in order for the Leicester management to fully access the situation. 

“He is not unfit by any means but we have been managing the situation. No, (it is not hampering him) I wouldn’t have said that today watching him.


“But if he had trained on Monday on the back of it when he was still a bit sore it doesn’t allow him to join in with the team or the group. But it allows him to do a recovery, be that bike of treadmill, so there is no contact.

“Over the next seven to 10 days we will assess it and see where we go with it, but I am expecting it to get better because he has had the rest.”


Gareth Southgate has come out and said that he has no issue with in not selecting Vardy as England face Slovenia and Lithuania and the upcoming qualifiers.

Southgate has agreed with the Leicester board to keep Vardy at rest in order to completely recover from his injury.

“From the conversation I’ve had with him, I know how much he wants to play but how much pain he’s in," the England manager said. “He’d run through brick walls for us, no question, and his mentality is top drawer.

“Whatever the perception, it’s not the reality. I have a responsibility to every player and I’ve never asked a player to play with an injury that I thought needed sorting.”