By 90Min
October 02, 2017

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed that key players Mesut Ozil and Laurent Koscielny may very well be set to return sooner rather than later, with the first game following the International break as his desired time frame. 

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Wenger stated that: “Some players will not go on the international break; Laurent Koscielny, because he has an Achilles problem, Mesut Ozil because he has an inflammation of his knee and Danny Welbeck as well because he’s not fit.”

Whilst the pair are surely a miss for both Germany and France respectively, Arsenal fans will be happy that their stars have an increased recovery period before the next Premier League, because despite sitting fifth in the table, performances have been lacking. 

There has been an obvious void left in the Arsenal squad, especially within the defensive setup. The lack of a stable and commanding centre back has left the Gunners vulnerable in the early games this season. Despite blockbuster signings such as Alexandre Lacazette, there too has been a missing link in Arsenal's attack. 


Front man Danny Welbeck may very well be on the same road to recovery, as it had previously been revealed that he would be back immediately following the International break, however details on his return have began to appear quite foggy, and it is now unclear when exactly the England man will be back for the Gunners. 

With the prospect of players such as Alexis Sanchez and Jack Wilshere leaving this January, Arsene Wenger will be keeping his fingers crossed that the injured duo will be back in time to travel away to Watford on October 14th. 

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