By 90Min
October 02, 2017

Former Liverpool, Manchester United and Real Madrid forward Michael Owen has upset a lot of Arsenal fans this week after he made claims that they are heading for a seventh place finish in the Premier League.

Arsenal had a poor start to the season after a narrow 4-3 victory over Leicester City and then a 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Liverpool. 

However, since then, they've managed to turn things around, but Owen, when quizzed on BT Sport, remains unconvinced that they are a top four side and that they could finish fifth, sixth or seventh.

Arsenal fans all over the country vented their anger towards Owen and his claims. They believe that their recent form is enough evidence that they can finish in the top four this year and some even said that he's stealing a living getting paid for his football insights.

The Gunners have won six of their last seven games and they've even managed to keep five clean sheets along the way - whether or not that's enough to keep the supporters on Wenger's side throughout the season - that's another question.

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