By 90Min
October 11, 2017

FIFA 18 has been here for a little while now. The first patch has arrived to iron out any creases, but it doesn’t seem gamers are too happy about it.

The first patch usually comes out shortly after the game to eradicate any problems that have arisen. In the most recent patch, goalkeepers have better reaction time, while outfield players have had their shot accuracy decreased. If you put these two together, it suddenly means that scoring goals has become quite difficult, much to the annoyance of gamers.

Professional players such as Benedikt Saltzer have weighed in on the issue. He explained on a recent Facebook post: “The goalkeeper has been massively improved. Suddenly, there are significantly fewer goals from positions where you have scored a goal before.”

The frustration doesn’t only lie with professional players, it appears that many are claiming that the difficulty of the game has spiked since the introduction of the patch.

However, what we know about FIFA players is that they are very loyal. No matter what occurs in the game, they will continue to play and buy it. 

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