By 90Min
October 17, 2017

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola insists that Oasis is played in the dressing room to help his team prepare for games.

As reported by The Sun, the players listened to Don’t Look Back In Anger before the 1-0 win over Chelsea, and the Spaniard has been keen to use a number of different tracks by the band in the hope of gearing them up.

OLI SCARFF/GettyImages

It appears to have been working, with City winning all but one of their eight Premier League matches so far and scoring 29 goals in the process.

An Eithad source said: "In the last few weeks Pep has decided an Oasis song should be on when players reach the dressing room. He’s used a few different ones. Has it been a factor in the recent form? Definitely... maybe."

The Gallagher brothers are both die-hard fans, who have become synonymous with the football club, and can often be seeing in attendance at the Etihad.

Oasis tracks are also often played in and around the stadium before kick-off as players warm up and supporters take their seats.

Noel was even asked by the club to interview Guardiola ahead of the 2016/17 season after the Spaniard took over from Manuel Pellegrini.

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