VIDEO: Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge Reacts to His FIFA 18 Pace Rating & It's Hilarious

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Following the release of FIFA 18 on the 28th September, the ratings for players within the game always seems to cause debate. 

Players are usually unhappy with ratings given to them by the EA franchise, although their reactions aren't usually as hilarious as the reaction of Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge. 


In a segment on FATV titled 'Roommates', both himself and Manchester City's Raheem Sterling aimed to prove how well they both knew each other. 

Sterling was asked to guess Sturridge's best stat on his FIFA 18 FUT card. Believing his pace was his best attribute, it turns out Sturridge's best trait was his shooting at 82. 

Perplexed by this, Sterling wanted to know what Sturridge's pace was and it was lower than both thought. 

Sturridge said: '79? Don’t disrespect my pace like that, bro, I’m minimum eighty.'

He was then told that his pace was even lower, down to 76, something that Sturridge took very personally. 

He continued, stating: 'Whoever put 76 down there… It’s a disrespect to my credibility, it’s a disrespect to my integrity, to my name.

'Whoever works at FIFA, they need firing. They need firing - seriously.'