PHOTO: Chinese Side Meixian Techand Celebrate Promotion by Taking Selfies With Wads of Cash

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Meixian Techand celebrated their promotion to the second tier of Chinese football with a mountain of cash beside them, as reported in Goal.

The riches in the Chinese Super League have been widely reported for a number of years now, however, the wealth of Chinese football is not restricted to those playing in the first division.

Meixian Techand secured their place in China League One next season after claiming a 1-0 victory over Shenzhen Ledman on Sunday.


Ye Weichao scored the only goal of the game to give Meixian Techand a 3-1 aggregate win to gain promotion, their players incentivised by the club's promise of a hefty cash bonus if they could book their spot in the second division.

Each player is understood to have received a bonus of almost £3m for their climb up the footballing ladder in China, however, Meixian Techand will be keen to push for promotion into the first division sooner rather than later.


With the likes of Hulk, Oscar, Jackson Martinez and Alex Teixeira all playing in the first division of Chinese football, promotion to the CSL gives players a chance to test themselves against some of the world's best players - as well as pocket a little extra cash.