David Beckham Announces Predator Accelerator Revamp to Commemorate 20-Year Association With Adidas

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Manchester United and Real Madrid legend David Beckham has collaborated with Adidas to release an updated version of the classic Predator boot - taking inspiration from his playing days to help design the modern revamp.

Beckham's career highlights go hand in hand with the iconic boot of his choice, and the redesigned accelerator has been made with three specific events during his playing days. 

The red shoe reading '7' on the back in line with his Manchester United days, the white - representing his time with Real Madrid reading '23', and the black to commemorate his time at AC Milan, reading '32'.

"When I look back on the best moments of my career, the one defining theme of them all is the Adidas Predator,” Beckham said, according to the Mirror.

“It has always been there, helping me play my best when it mattered most.

“That’s why when Adidas offered me the chance to design an updated version of the boot for on-pitch, in the cage and on the street, I absolutely jumped at the chance.”

Commemorating his 20-year association with the brand, the three different shoes have been made for three different purposes. The white shoe - intended for the pitch, the red - intended for cage football, and the black - for the streets.

The traditional tongue has been replaced by a more modern sock-look, designed throughout a series of meetings in London and Germany, and Adidas' vice president of product design Sam Handy seems excited to get their new shoes onto people's feet:

"There are few more longer-standing partnerships in sport than David Beckham’s with adidas and so working with David on his own footwear collection was something we were all extremely excited about.

"We know that these will be iconic products for so many fans and collectors."