Al-Ahly is set to play in the second leg of the African Champions League final against WAC Casablanca.

By 90Min
November 01, 2017

The distance between football players and supporters interacting over the past 15 to 20 years has grown quite vast, especially when you look at the biggest clubs in the world.

Clubs conduct their training sessions behind closed doors for the most part and, while such moves are taken to prevent spies from relaying their tactical plans to opposing sides, it has driven a wedge between fans watching their team train and, well, not being able to.

That cannot be said of Egyptian giants Al-Ahly on Tuesday, whose first-team squad had to abandon training due to the volume of fans who had come to watch them. We kid you not, take a look below.

That's an almighty number of supporters alright! Al-Ahly were training ahead of the second leg of their African Champions League final against WAC Casablanca, but had to call it off over safety concerns.

Doing so didn't prevent the team's players from applauding those who turned up to watch, however, and we're sure that any victory for Al-Ahly on Saturday will be dedicated to their hardcore fans.

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