By 90Min
November 04, 2017

Liverpool star Dejan Lovren was almost the victim of a burglary during the week, but will probably only have to replace a patio door, thanks to the screams of a woman.

Merseyside Police were called to the defender's house on Wednesday night, while he was at Anfield looking on as the Reds played out their Champions League match against Maribor.

Lovren played no part in the match, due to him being injured, but he was required to be present, leaving thieves with a perceived opportunity.

CCTV cameras are believed to have captured what appears to be two males, one wielding a sledgehammer, trying to gain entry into the Croatian's Allerton residence. Said sledgehammer was put through the patio door as the men attempted to create an entry point, but they were reportedly scared away by a screaming woman.

The officers at the scene would later discover that Sadio Mane's house was also broken into at a nearby location.

"It is not known yet if anything was stolen during this second incident," said a Police spokesperson. "The investigation is in its early stages but it is believed the offenders fled in a car."

A police helicopter was used to search for the individuals, but to no avail as they were not found.

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