The Five Best PUMA Cleats of All Time and the Superstars Who Wore Them

PUMA boots have been worn by some of football's biggest and most iconic superstars over the years. From the legendary Diego Maradona to legend in the making Antoine Griezmann. 
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PUMA boots have been worn by some of football's biggest and most iconic superstars over the years. From the legendary Diego Maradona to legend in the making Antoine Griezmann. But it's not just the stars who shone in the spotlight, as the boots themselves took centre stage with their innovative and revolutionary designs.

Here's a look at five of the very best PUMA boots and the superstars who wore them.

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PUMA evoPOWER 1 - Yaya Toure


Designed for the stronger and more powerful players on the pitch, the first generation PUMA evoPOWER boots replaced the earlier PUMA PowerCat releases.

evoPOWER were worn by Yaya Toure in the latter half of the 2013/14 season, which saw the Ivorian drive Manchester City towards the Premier League title. His 20 league goals from midfield, particularly in the closing stages of the campaign, proved decisive.

At the time it was described as PUMA's 'most advanced power boot to date'. Armed with PUMA's new technology, Toure's reputation for striking the ball with power and accuracy soared, aided by the extra flexibility that the the 'Gradual Stability Frame' brought to the soleplate.

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PUMA evoSPEED 1.2 - Radamel Falcao


During his reign as arguably the most feared striker on the planet, Radamel Falcao could be seen wearing the PUMA evoSPEED 1.2 boots, a design said to be inspired by race cars.

The pink and blue colourway, worn by Falcao in the latter half of 2014, particularly stood out as each foot wore a different coloured boot. Smaller studs promised better grip and therefore an increased level of maneuverability that is so crucial for attackers looking to burst into space.

The Colombian certainly had a quickness in and around the penalty area after scoring over 140 goals in just four seasons between 2009 and 2013. The 2012/13 season, which prompted his big money move to Monaco, remains the most prolific league campaign of his career to date.

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PUMA V1.11 - Sergio Aguero

Manchester City's Argentinian striker Se

Sergio Aguero was wearing the blue colourway of the stunning PUMA V1.11, one of many popular boots in the V series, when he sensationally scored the goal that won the 2011/12 Premier League title for Manchester City with virtually the very last kick of the entire season.

The design of the V1.11 promised extra stability for those who wore it, and Aguero certainly benefitted as he crucially kept his balance under pressure from QPR defenders in a crowded penalty area on that historic day.

The Velcro design along one side of the tongue kept the laces secure but accessible, and ensured a much larger strike zone for passing or shooting. The strikezone was also more textured on the V1.11 than its predecessors in the series, showing how advancing technology will always have a significant role to play.

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PUMA King - Diego Maradona & Johan Cruyff


The classic PUMA King boots are steeped in World Cup history and were famously worn by a number of the competition's most famous and iconic players.

A certain Diego Maradona donned a pair as he inspired Argentina to World Cup glory in Mexico in 1986, dancing through a thoroughly mesmorised England defence in the quarter finals for one of his most enduring goals.

The late, great Johan Cruyff famously wore Puma boots as well. He had the Kings on his feet when he pulled off the 'Cruyff Turn' on a global stage for the first time and guided the Netherlands all the way to the final against hosts West Germany.


Even global icon Pele also wore the PUMA Kings during his illustrious career, notably at the 1970 World Cup where champions Brazil were dubbed the greatest team in history.

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PUMA FUTURE - Antoine Griezmann


The FUTURE boot makes use of PUMA's adaptable NETFIT technology, which includes a fully customisable lacing system that allows the wearer to lace up any way they want to best suit their individual playing style.

Whether that be for wide feet, narrow feet, striking the ball more accurately, peforming tricks and skills or for just pure speed, the innovative lace technology allows players to lace them up in any way they want for the very best fit.

In every sense, the FUTURE are perfect boots for Griezmann, who has established himself as one of the biggest goal threats in Europe. The adaptability of the boot matches the adaptability of his game, with the Frenchman able to comfortably occupy a number of different positions that require subtly different skills - from leading the line, to creating 'in the hole', or playing wide.

His speed and elusiveness are aided by the lightweight technology, while the perfect fit gives him an even more perfect touch in tight spaces.