Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Fails With Undercover Prank as Liverpool Fan Refuses to Buy His Replica Top

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Liverpool star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was left red-faced with an undercover prank on the club's social media channel, after a Reds' supporter refused to buy a shirt with the England international's name on it.

The 24-year-old moved from Arsenal to Liverpool in the summer for around £35. Since his transfer, he has featured 15 times for the Reds, scoring twice. 


Oxlade-Chamberlain, along with teammates Dominic Solanke and Andrew Robertson, took part in a prank, with the episode called 'School of Scouse'. The three players were disguised as local builders and Liverpool great Robbie Fowler was the conductor of the episode, and he instructed them to come inside the club shop from a van outside of it and interact with customers.

He then orders the disguised Oxlade-Chamberlain to pick up a Liverpool shirt with his name on the back and try to sell it to a Reds' supporter, but how events turned out may have surprised the former Arsenal man. 

He goes to a young fan and asks him "excuse me son. Do you want to but this?" The boy then replies with a swift "no, thank you." But the Liverpool star doesn't give up and asks the youngster "are you sure?", a question to which the Reds' fan responds with "I'm sure."

But the exchange doesn't stop there, with the midfielder looking determined to sell his shirt, he says "he's going to be a superstar". But he is denied again with the boy replying "one day", and he continued by saying "been saying that for 10 years though." 


Fowler then instructs Oxlade-Chamberlain to tell the young fan that he's the "best signing" of Liverpool's transfer window, but the boy stands firm and says "no." While others perhaps would have given up at this point, the Liverpool star carries on and says "no?! Why not? He scored a goal the other night."

The boy's response perhaps may have given the 24-year-old some satisfaction as he admitted "yeah, he's a good player." Despite the the boy's admission, Oxlade-Chamberlain may think twice about getting involved in another undercover prank, after being unexpectedly roasted by the young fan.