By 90Min
November 29, 2017

Hatem Ben Arfa is one of the great mysteries of football. A supremely talented footballer unable to find a permanent home. He is currently playing for PSG but is being used very sparingly with the other superstars in the team taking the limelight. However, it is being reported he might have his eyes on a return to the Premier League under a manager he thrived with.

A well-informed and well-connected PSG twitter account is reporting that Ben Arfa is looking for a six-month loan away from the club in hopes of making the World Cup this summer. Considering that during his incredible spell with Nice, Didier Deschamps still didn’t pick him for the squad, it’s unlikely he will be wearing the French shirt come the summer.


The Twitter account claims that the 30-year-old is in contact with Claude Puel who does have a soft spot for Ben Arfa as he was the manager that brought the best out of him. They claim that the prospect of playing under Puel in the challenging Premier League is something that motivates Ben Arfa.

Ben Arfa has garnered a reputation of a player that only produces in flashes and isn’t willing to put in the work required to be a consistent starter. So the likelihood of other teams getting in the way of this deal is minimal to nought. However, if Leicester can manage to secure this deal as a six-month loan deal, the risk of problems would be greatly reduced.


Ben Arfa needs to look at himself in the mirror and realise that his career is winding down if he doesn’t get himself in check. However, the prospect of Mahrez on one side and Ben Arfa on the other side is something that should have Leicester fans salivating. 

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