By 90Min
December 02, 2017

Diego Maradona was the centre of the attention during the FIFA World Cup Draw on Friday afternoon. 

He and 77-year-old Pelé were the most iconic footballers attending the event and the Argentinian was also one of the hosts in charge of drawing the balls for the camera. 

England ended up in a fairly interesting group made of Belgium, Panama and Tunisia, while Spain and Portugal will be one of the most longed-for clashes of the group stages.

Maradona, Carles Puyol, Fabio Cannavaro and Gary Lineker were all dressed up as the world was watching what fate was awaiting their nations, as the Argentine showed up in an all-black suit with a bright yellow bow tie. 

Now you may think that the tie itself was Maradona's most eccentric choice of the night - certainly the most notable one - but fans all around the planet were actually confused by another detail. 

As the ex-Napoli and Barcelona superstar picked up a team and showed their names on camera, several were wondering why he was wearing two wrist watches, one for each arm.

It soon became a widespread concern, to which the Daily Mirror eventually gave a final answer after long debating. 

According to the website, Maradona is used to wearing two wrist watches, one set at the time of the city where he currently stays and the other one indicating what time it is in Argentina. 

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