Here's when we'll find out the matchups for the Champions League Round of 16. 

By Daniel Rapaport
December 06, 2017

Wednesday's slate was the last of the Champions League group stage; the top two finishers in each of the eight groups have qualified for the knockout Round of 16 stage, while the third-place finishers are off to the Europa League. The eight fourth-place finishers had their European seasons end this week.

The group winners are as follows: (Group A) Manchester United, (B) Paris Saint-Germain, (C) Roma, (D) Barcelona, (E) Liverpool, (F) Manchester City, (G) Besitkas and (H) Tottenham. Each of those teams will be drawn against a second-place finisher.

The runner-ups from the group stage are: (A) FC Basel, (B) Bayern Munich, (C) Chelsea, (D) Juventus, (E) Sevilla, (F) Shakhtar Donetsk, (G) Porto and (H) Real Madrid.

There are two rules to keep in mind when watching the draw. First, clubs from the same country cannot meet until the quarterfinals. This means Spanish sides Barcelona and Real Madrid cannot be drawn against each other, and Chelsea will not play Manchester United, Manchester City or Tottenham. Secondly, clubs cannot play against a team that was in its same group in the group stage. These two rules stipulate that Chelsea can only play Paris St-Germain, Barcelona or Besitkas.

Still, a number of marquee Round of 16 ties are very much in play. Manchester United could draw Bayern Munich, Juventus or Real Madrid, for example, while PSG could also get Real.

The draw will take place on Monday, December 11 at 6 a.m. EST. It will be broadcast on FS1 as well as Fubo TV. Sign up for a free seven-day trial here

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