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VIDEO: Spain Legend Carles Puyol Attacked by Sex Toy Wielding Fan Following World Cup Draw

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World Cup and Champions League winner Carles Puyol was attacked by a woman armed with a what was apparently a dildo, after the draw for the World Cup group stages had been announced. Yes, you read that correctly.

The draw had gone off without a hitch on Friday afternoon. Hosted by Britain's much loved Gary Lineker and Russian journalist Maria Komandnaya, Puyol was in charge of drawing the positions of teams in groups G and H, and the entire ordeal couldn't have gone smoother.

It wasn't until later in the evening when things got weird. Not normal weird, Russia weird. A whole other level of strangeness. Puyol found himself approached by a supposed fan in the lobby of the hotel that he was staying in during his time in Moscow; the video of which has been posted on YouTube.

"Can you help us? Can you say you love us?" she asked the retired Barcelona defender whilst recording with her camera.

Confused by the situation, Puyol asked what his admirer was doing, to which she replied: "It is for our video. You have such beautiful hair. You are so pretty." 

(WARNING: Video contains graphic imagery)


While that in itself could be considered somewhat odd behaviour, things took a turn for the worse when she brandished an obscenely large sex toy - much to Puyol's horror.

"I wanna f*** you with this big d***!" the 'fan' shouts before the World Cup winner was whisked away by security.

"No, no!" can be heard faintly as Puyol disappears.

It is understood that nothing has come of the confrontation, and police have not been involved. But still, that's quite a scarring experience for the ex Barcelona captain.

Who knows what the summer's World Cup in Russia may bring...