PUMA have released the latest colour update for the highly innovative FUTURE boot, worn by the likes of European superstars Antoine Griezmann and Marco Reus.

The FUTURE is described as the 'first football boot with a truly customisable fit', made possible by the NETFIT technology that allows the wearer to lace them in any way they want.


Whether a player is wide or narrow footed, the lacing system gives players complete control and the perfect fit and ultimate lock-down. The customization options are 'infinite'.

The original FUTURE was released earlier this season, but the updated colour features a 'disruptive' yellow and black graphic intended to 'echo the explosion of energy felt when those outrageous moments of brilliance come off'.

PUMA have also launched the latest colour for the ONE, 'made for players that think tactically, who can read the game in an instant and see a move before it happens'.

FIT.FAST.FEEL are the core principles behind the black boot, featuring a fluorescent red pop.



The ultimate fit is achieved through the evoKNIT sock, with additional heel padding to prevent slippage. Fast comes from a reduced weight, as well as a new stud configuration designed to aid bursts of pace and quick turns. Feel, meanwhile is a 'super soft' K leather for intuitive touch.

Sergio Aguero, Hector Bellerin, Mario Balotelli, Gianluigi Buffon and Julian Weigl will be among the superstars wearing the new ONE.

PUMA has today unveiled its latest FUTURE boot to be worn by Antoine Griezmann. The first boot with a fully customisable lacing system! Get yours at uk.puma.com #NewLevels