By 90Min
January 29, 2018

Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock has claimed that instead of a minute silence for his death he would rather that the fans chant 'Warnock is a W*****'. 

After the sad and recent passing of Cyrille Regis and Jimmy Armfield, Warnock spoke about how he would like the fans to remember him and in typical Warnock fashion it was quite brilliant, as reported by the  Daily Mail.

"I don't want silence. I want them all to be chanting 'Warnock's a w*****' over and over again. For a whole minute. That would be my ideal. They'll all smile because they'd all know that would mean a lot to me. As daft as it sounds. It matters because it would mean I've stirred emotions. I've helped people love football."

The Cardiff boss really is a character of the game and even though it does seem 'daft' it would certainly lift the spirits when the great man passes. Warnock never ceases to amaze and before his side's FA Cup defeat to Manchester City, he spoke about his side's bizarre preparation for the match.

"The lads were throwing snowballs at me while I was giving interviews to the TV crews. At one point, I looked round and our two goalkeepers, Kevin Blackwell and Steve Cherry, were both on the same sledge, coming down this big hill, weaving in and out of trees at about 100mph."

Certainly a comical figure in the world of football, and we could soon see him back in the Premier League with Cardiff currently sitting third in the Championship and looking good for promotion.

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