By 90Min
February 03, 2018

Nacional have issued an apology after fans jeered Chapocoense players about the tragic plane crash that saw 19 players and staff die in 2016. 

The club have since issued numerous apologies, including a statement from the board of directors stating the consequences that those responsible would now face. 

During the Copa Libertadores match between the two sides on Wednesday, fans of the Uruguayan club were seen making gestures referring to the tragedy.

In their apology, Nacional said that the incident brought a 'deep sense of shame' and those who participated in the gestures are 'lacking any sense of human dignity.' The South American Football Confederation is now investigating the situation.

Nacional went on to claim a 1-0 victory in what was the first leg of the cup tie, but the result was overshadowed by the actions of a small selection of Nacional fans.


The club added in their statement: ''Unfortunately, many sick minds channel their irrationality to sporting scenarios. Nacional made great efforts, as in general the clubs of the continent, to avoid such episodes.

''On behalf of the National Football Club, we express to the president our deepest sympathy and deep sense of shame. We urge you to accept our deepest apologies.''

Chapocoense's plane crashed on their way to play in the final of the Copa Sudamericana in November 2016, and 71 people were killed in the process. 

One of football's greatest tragedies brought support from far and wide, with FC Barcelona inviting them to play in a prestigious friendly to honour the victims of the disaster the following year. 

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