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February 04, 2018

It has been announced this week after a greatly anticipated wait that David Beckham will finally have the MLS club that he was promised all those years ago. 

The former Manchester United star has decided that Miami, Florida will be the place for his football franchise. However, the locals are not too happy about this. 


Local residents have become increasingly angered by the development of the new stadium, according to reports from the Mirror. The 25,000 all-seater stadium is set to built within the run-down area of Overtown. 

The Miami neighbourhood is renowned by many as a rundown and neglected area, consisting of drug dealers, prostitutes, gang members and many more. An area has been decided for the stadium, however, this will leave many people homeless. 


Overtown, where there are more than 20 gunshots every day, is considered to be a rather cheap area where the developers were able to secure the land for a very low cost. Despite this, the huge re-development has caused plenty of concern amongst the locals. 

A local to the area, Tarshmarnique Cannon, 32, had this to say about the stadium: "It makes you question why bring it to one of America's worst ghettos. Of all the places they could have put it they want to build it in a town where crime is a way of life and locals endure a living hell.".


However, the former LA Galaxy player was quick to confirm that there are only good intentions behind bringing a football team to the south of Florida. 

"I dont want to have any problems. We want to make people happy. This is a good positive story." the ex-England international stated. 

Nonetheless, David Beckham's Miami franchise will be hoping to join the MLS by 2020 as the English legend will look to provide a breath of fresh air within the deep south. 

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