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February 08, 2018

Manchester United marked the 60th anniversary of the tragic Munich air disaster by holding a special memorial service at Old Trafford. However, it was Red Devils midfielder Paul Pogba who was getting a lot of the attention at the service and for all the wrong reasons. 

Many football fans took to social media to express their outrage at the French midfielder after a photo surfaced of Pogba 'dabbing' at the memorial service. Pogba was accused of being disrespectful towards the 23 people who died in the disaster. 

However, noticing all the hate Pogba was receiving online, a fan at the centre of the incident has come out and cleared the air on the 24-year-old's dabbing debacle.

United fan John Neild and his disabled son Alex were part of the roughly 4,500-strong group of fans who came to pay their respects. Neild explained that Pogba and fellow teammate Juan Mata had kindly come over to meet Alex and take pictures. As the 10-year-old, excited to meet the players, dabbed at Pogba, the Frenchman responded in kind with a dab of his own.  

"I was really disappointed when I saw what people were saying but it doesn't surprise me because there are so many haters and negative people on the internet," Neild told Manchester Evening News (via the Metro).

"All the kids love dabbing and Alex was dabbing like crazy at Pogba and then then he did it back to him which was great."

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"It was quite quick the whole thing but they came over and asked how Alex was especially with it being so cold then they had to go. It was so nice of them both and really made Alex’s day."

John criticised some accounts on Twitter for purposely trying to paint Pogba in a bad light. A screenshot of the player dabbing was posted without any context given. Some of these tweets have since been deleted after John came forward.

John added, "When I heard what was being suggested I wanted to tweet the full video to show what really happened."

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