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February 15, 2018

Paul Pogba is so unhappy with his role at Manchester United that he 'regrets' rejoining the side from Juventus two seasons ago, according to reports in France.

The Frenchman is said to be displeased with manager Jose Mourinho over his positioning, according to French source L'Equipe (H/T The Sun) as he wants to play on the left side of an attacking midfield three, weirdly.

But Mourinho, of course, is having none of that.


“I think this country produced a lot of amazing box-to-box players, I had the pleasure to coach some of them, but I think nowadays with some pundits, some agents, some family members, I think the concept of the box-to-box is changing a little bit," the former Chelsea boss said in defence of his tactics.

“I think now we are going to a different concept of box-to-box. For me with my Portuguese and trying just to translate it to the English, I just think midfield players.

“And, for me, Paul is a midfield player. He is not a left back, he is not a striker. So when people ask what is the best position for Paul to play? Paul is a midfield player.

“He can play with two, he can play with one, he can play with three, but he will be always a midfield player. Doesn't matter the tactical system the team plays, for me Pogba is a midfield player.”

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Mourinho is also reported as being unimpressed by Pogba's risky style of play, and him having hauled the player off against Newcastle in the team's last fixture does suggest that he might be unhappy with the Frenchman as of late.

It would, however, take a lot more for the majority of United fans to believe that Pogba is beginning to find Old Trafford untenable this early into his return.

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