We've all seen the incredible penalty that Cristiano Ronaldo scored against PSG midweek and probably fallen out with our mates debating whether it was intentional or not.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have watched it multiple times in amazement trying to work out how he did it (unlike the unimpressed Michael Owen).

The ball bounces up when the Real Madrid forward plants his standing foot next to the ball, something that Rio Ferdinand insists the Ballon d'Or winner used to practice in training while at Manchester United.

What a lot of people missed was the extreme lengths PSG fans went to in an attempt to put the attacker off before he intentionally or unintentionally performed the trick shot.


When preparing to take the spot kick, Ronaldo is clearly distracted by the PSG fans shining the lasers at him.

What happens next proves the athletic superstar's elite mentality....


After complaining about the opposing fan's actions, you can see his thought process in thinking he just has to get on with it.

He then closes eyes to prevent the lasers from distracting him.


Ronaldo then takes a deep breath out to calm his nerves, stares down the whites of the goalkeeper's eyes and rifles the ball home (with the aid of a little elevation from the turf).

The Madrid star's performances have been a little underwhelming this season compared to his usual high standards but he proved his critics wrong yet again with another dominant Champions League performance, further cementing him as the most prolific player to ever grace the competition.