Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola could face more FA charges in the future should he continue to wear a yellow ribbon in support of imprisoned politicians in Catalan. 

Guardiola was charged by the FA last week for breaching kit and advertising regulations. The FA claimed that the ribbon in question is displaying a political message. The 47-year-old has until 6pm GMT on the 5th March to respond to the charge. 

However, the Manchester City manager continued to defiantly wear the ribbon for his side's Carabao Cup final success on Sunday. Now, according to The Guardian, further punishments could come his way and may be more severe than the first sanction. Punishmentscould range from a fine to a touchline ban. 

Despite the charge, Guardiola has insisted that he will continue to wear the ribbon. 

"Before a manager, I am a human being," He told the press (via the BBC) after his side's League Cup triumph. 

"They [the FA] know I'll wear the yellow ribbon always. It's not about politicians, it's about democracy; it's about helping the people who didn't do absolutely anything."

"If I broke the rules, I accept the fine. There are four guys in prison. There are other guys, who are outside of Catalonia; when they come back, they are going to be jailed, imprisoned for rebellion and sedition.

"Uefa has another opinion regarding these issues. They say you can wear anything as long as you show it with respect. Here, apparently, it's different."

Once Guardiola has responded to the original FA charge, a hearing date will be set, where, if he is found guilty, an independent commission will decide the Spaniard's punishment.