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March 01, 2018

Referee Paul Tierney had quite a difficult night officiating Spurs' FA Cup tie against Rochdale on Wednesday night.

The official caused a bit of controversy on yet another night of VAR domination, but may be inclined to laugh at himself when he remembers a particular incident.

Image by Kavan Flavius

(Image courtesy of Daily Mail)

At one point during the match, Tierney reached for his white spray can to mark out a spot on the pitch after awarding Tottenham a free-kick. That has been pretty standard for a few seasons now, but it really wasn't practical at the time, given that the area was covered in snow.

"What's the point of the spray here from the referee? He can put that away," BT Sport Commentator Ian Darke remarked.


And while Tierney appeared to catch himself before completing the gaffe, the TV cameras shifted focus, leaving viewers to guess for themselves.

Of course, they were always going to go with the funniest possibility, and here are a few Twitter reactions below. 

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