Has a Team Ever Won Three straight Champions League Titles?

Find out if a team has ever won three straight Champions League titles. 
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Real Madrid will have a chance at a three-peat in this year's Champions League final.

The squad has won three of the last four titles — in 2017, 2016 and 2014. 

This leaves us wondering if anyone has accomplished the feat before?

In fact, Real Madrid has also won three straight titles before — they won the first five tournmanets of the European Cup that began in 1955 and was replaced by the Champions League in 1992. They won all the titles from 1956–1960.

Also achieving the three-peat was Ajax from the Netherlands in 1971, 1972 and 1973. 

Bayern Munich established its dominance the following year, earning titles in 1974, 1975 and 1976.

A few teams have also won back-to-back titles, including Milan, Benfica, Internazionale, Nottingham Forest and Liverpool. 

Real Madrid will take on Liverpool on May 26 in Keiv, Ukraine for this year's title.