How Does Extra Time Work at the World Cup?

Find out how extra time works at the World Cup.
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With the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in the knockout stage, it's time to brush up on some rules. So what happens if two teams draw in an elimination game?

If the game takes place during the group stage, the match finishes as a draw. Both teams receive a point apiece. But if the match takes place during the knockout stage, requiring that the game produce a winner, the two teams enter extra time. 

According to the FIFA World Cup regulations, if there is a draw at the end of normal playing time, extra time will consist of two periods of 15 minutes each. There will be a five minute interval at the end of normal playing time but not between the two periods. 

The golden goal rule is not in effect, so if a team scores, it's not the game winner. The game continues though all 30 minutes of extra time, whether or not goals are scored. 

If it's still a draw after the 30 minutes of extra time, both teams will take penalty kicks. The penalty kicks are a best of five shootout, alternating between the team two teams. The shootout ends when one team is no longer mathematically able to match the other's team results. 

If there's still a tie at the end of the shootout, additional rounds of one kick each will be added until the tie is broken, which is also known as sudden death.  

The 2019 Women's World Cup takes place in France.