Retired Sweden international Zlatan Ibrahimovic has claimed that he would be able to perform better in this summer's World Cup than those in the current squad for his national side. The 36-year-old ended his international career once Euro 2016 had finished, but admits that it isn't difficult to watch his former teammates.

Even at the veteran age he is, Ibrahimovic is still regarded as one of the most lethal finishers on the planet. Throughout his entire career he has consistently been a goalscorer, and with seven goals in 11 appearances for LA Galaxy, he continues to perform in MLS.

And now, watching Sweden play at a World Cup without taking part for the first time in 20 years, Ibrahimovic can only watch on as his compatriots rely on a minor miracle to pull them through to the Round of 16 in the competition.

However, despite their struggles, Zlatan doesn't find it hard to watch - or so he says - but the attacker does seem to think that he could still greatly improve the squad - even at 36.

When asked by ESPN whether being a fan rather than a player was tough, his reply was simple.

"No," the towering Swede responded bluntly. 

"In the beginning, the first games was different because I felt I can do it much better than them, obviously. And still I feel that. But there is a time when you say let them do it and let them enjoy because where I came from, I was not welcome.

"I was different. I came from a different background. And I went through all those things and I became the captain on my national team. I mean, bigger than that it cannot be."