Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Tweet Welcoming LeBron to Los Angeles is Very, Very Ibra

Zlatan has welcomed LeBron James to *his* city.
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LeBron James is officially off to Los Angeles, and stars from far and wide have been expressing their excitement over his arrival ever since. It is a pretty huge deal when a King comes to your city, after all.

One of the stars that welcomed James with open arms includes international soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who famously moved to MLS this year to play for the LA Galaxy. And when it came time to welcome James to his new city, Ibra did it in a way that only he could:

A King and a God? Los Angeles is a pretty lucky place. 

What else could they possibly need?

Los Angeles sports fans have a lot to look forward to with these two superstars plying their trade locally. Ibrahimovic is the third-most decorated active soccer player in the world with his 32 major trophies, and is one of just five active players with over 400 career goals. He will go down in history not just for his power, guile, and finishing ability, but also for his inimitable ego and folk hero reputation.

LeBron, of course, isn't referred to as the King for nothing. He is obviously one of the best athletes in the world, and is the best active player in the NBA. No persuading necessary.

Lakers and Galaxy fans will have a lot going for them in the next few years. I would start buying your tickets now before you can't get your hands on them.