Arsenal star Mesut Ozil has created a reputation as an 'assist king' over the course of his lengthy career, now revealing just what is about an assist that still gives him such a buzz.

"Through giving an assist, your friend can score and you help your team. Whenever I receive the ball, I always think offensively so I can pick out chances to score a goal or assist someone." Ozil explained to

"That's why it's normal for me to always get the ball and play it forwards.


"In my opinion, a creative player should always have fun on the pitch and should trust their playing style in order to help the team. I've been playing this way my whole life, which is why I still enjoy giving my team-mates assists to this day," he added.

"Ultimately, in my position, everything is always quite tight. The moment you receive the ball in midfield, you're already surrounded by three or four opponents who want to attack you.

"You just have to find the solutions quicker. So for me, everything happens automatically. Before I get the ball, I need to know exactly what I'm going to do with it."

There are comparisons in terms of style of play with former Arsenal star Dennis Bergkamp.

"I always want to control the game, give assists and help my team. It was like that with me from the start. In my position you have many possibilities playing forward. You can demand the balls, make telling passes or score yourself," Ozil said

"I've been told so many times over the years that this is how Bergkamp played. Of course that makes me proud and it is an honour to be compared with him. Bergkamp is a living legend at Arsenal and he was an amazing football player.


"But I do not want to compare myself with anybody. I have my own style and I've had it since I was a kid. I am proud of these comparisons, but I am Mesut Ozil and I'm not finished yet."

Ozil also revealed that he idolised the legendary Zinedine Zidane growing up, wearing the Frenchman's name on his back when he played in the urban football cages in his home city of Gelsenkirchen and reliving the moment he first met his hero at Real Madrid.

"I had dreamed of playing [for Real] because Zidane played for them as well, and I'll never forget the first time I met my idol," the 2014 World Cup winner commented.


"Jose Mourinho took him to the first team as his assistant coach. He was in the dressing room, so of course my hands were sweating. I was thinking about the time when I was young with my friends, I would buy his shirt and play as him in the cage where I was brought up.

"I would always ask him how he knew before he'd even received the ball what the solutions were. That always fascinated me and because we both played in the same position, I was desperate to learn as much as I could from him."