The terms of Zeljko Buvac's departure from Liverpool are not yet decided, but it is believed that the coach is unlikely to return to the club.

There were several rumours in April that Buvac had resigned from his role of assistant manager at the club following a clash with manager Jurgen Klopp, but Liverpool merely claimed that he would be away from the club until the end of the season. Pep Lijnders has unofficially replaced the Bosnian, with Liverpool yet to confirm the change in backroom staff.


James Pearce, Liverpool journalist for the Liverpool Echo, was asked about Buvac's situation as the 57-year-old is still listed on Liverpool's website as part of the staff. Pearce said: "There won’t be an announcement from the club until the terms of his exit have been agreed. 

"I thought it would have happened before now but clearly it has dragged on with lawyers involved.

"I certainly don’t expect Buvac to return to Liverpool. Officially, he’s still first assistant coach on the club site. That job really belongs to Pep Lijnders now but the Dutchman can’t be given that title until the loose ends from Buvac’s departure are confirmed."

Buvac and Jurgen Klopp were teammates at Bundesliga side Mainz, before Klopp assumed the manager role at the club in 2001. He appointed Buvac as his assistant, and the duo have worked together for the last 17 years, moving together to both Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool.


Many speculated that the loss of Buvac would prove to be detrimental to Liverpool, with Buvac often referred to as "The Brain" as a result of his tactical knowledge during training. Fortunately for the club, they managed to continue their impressive form in both the Champions League and the Premier League.

His role was taken by Lijnders, who arrived at the club shortly before Buvac's departure. Several fans believed that Lijnders was the subject of the clash between Buvac and Klopp, but it is clear that results on the field have not been impacted by these behind-the-scenes issues.