Spurs fans are reasonably impatient with the progress on their new football ground. But it appears that the novel facility is very close to being the finished product.

Club chairman Daniel Levy has already announced that the team won't be moving in before the end of the year. However, things are moving rather steadily, based on the latest released photos which show that work has now started on the marking of the pitch, per the club's official website.


The touchlines, penalty areas and halfway circle have been painted, with workers having toiled through Saturday. And there should have been a bit more progress since then.

Tottenham will continue playing their home games at Wembley Stadium for the rest of the year, and it's looking like they could move into their new White Hart Lane as early as January.

Moreover, the club has announced that the new golden cockerel that will be on the roof of the south stand will face a different direction following fan backlash.


The bird was set to face north and faces in that direction in FIFA 19, which does allow gamers to play in the new stadium. But supporters have voiced their discontent and lobbied for the cockerel's left wing to continue facing the pitch.

The club have since relented and have also announced that the change will be reflected in FIFA 19 as well.


"After further discussion within the club and consulting our club historian, we have taken the decision to maintain this tradition at the new stadium - our new cockerel will therefore be positioned with its left wing facing towards the pitch," they announced.

"Additionally, this change will be reflected in FIFA 19 in the upcoming months."