WATCH: Boca Juniors Bus Attacked En Route to Monumental, Copa Libertadores Final Delayed

The police used tear gas to clear the crowd as the bus passed, but broken windows and damage to the bus allowed the gas to affect several Boca players. As a result, CONMEBOL delayed the match to a later kick-off.
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The bus carrying the Boca Juniors team to El Monumental, River Plate's stadium in Buenos Aires, was attacked as it neared the stadium entrance ahead of Saturday's Copa Libertadores Superclasico final. River fans and spectators waiting alongside the bus's route threw objects at the moving bus, sending rocks through the air and even smashing the driver's window.

Police fired tear gas to clear the crowd, which reportedly drifted inside the bus windows that were open after windows were cracked by flying objects.

Several players were apparently affected by the gas, with Peter Coates of Golzao Argentino reporting that Wanchope Ábila, Edwin Cardona, Carlos Tevez and Agustin Almendra are sick. Jara and Pablo Pérez reportedly suffered cuts from the flying objects and broken glass.

Boca is arguing that their players are not in any condition to play. The team was scheduled to square off against River Plate in the second leg of the Copa Libertadores after playing out a 2–2 draw in the first leg. 

Kickoff was originally scheduled for 3 p.m. ET but CONMEBOL delayed to 5:15pm ET due to the incident. The decision at this point comes with protests from Boca Juniors, who didn't want to play the game due to the injury of several players. 

FIFA president Gianni Infantino told Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici that if his team does not play tonight, they will be disqualified, per reports. This, however, would not be down to FIFA as Copa Libertadores is a CONMEBOL tournament and any decision can only be made by the aforementioned governing body. 

Pablo Perez, for example, was declared unavailable for the game and had to go to hospital for additional medical assistance.

Boca is seeking a record-tying seventh title, while River is gunning for its fourth. The all-time head-to-head series of Superclásico is currently slightly in Boca Juniors' favor, with the side having an 88–81–77 edge.