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December 17, 2018

Paul Ince has taken no prisoners in his assessment of Manchester United's 3-1 defeat at Liverpool, singling out midfielder Jesse Lingard as one of a few stars who are 'not good enough' for the club. 

United lost 3-1 at Anfield, leaving them 19 points behind the league leaders in 5th place, and criticisms of the Red Devils' display have not been hard to come by. They managed just six shots to Liverpool's 36, being outclassed by their bitter rivals. 

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And Ince, who made over 200 appearances for United between 1989-95, refused to mince his words on the performance in a peculiar rant via Paddy Power, claiming that Lingard, among others, is not good enough to wear the United shirt.

"One of the main culprits of that is Jesse Lingard. He is simply not good enough to wear a Manchester United shirt," Ince said.

"I hate saying it – but he wouldn’t have got away with it in my time. These players, when they come to United and want to be successful, should take a look at how the proper players conducted themselves.

"He’s a prime example of everything that’s wrong at Manchester United. Romelu Lukaku looks like he’d rather be anywhere else, Anthony Martial came on and instantly lost the ball. 

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"Those little details make me wonder how bothered any of them are. There are no leaders or characters left at the club."

He went on to say that the United performance as a whole was 'embarrassing', and that they could learn a thing or two from the United sides of old.

"Lingard just let Robertson bully him. Mourinho, for all the tactical genius he’s supposed to be, somehow managed to miss it. It worries me that it’s not clear what the coaching staff and Mourinho are doing.

"We’ve all seen the stat about Liverpool having 36 shots to United’s six. I never thought I’d see the day, that’s just embarrassing from a United side.

"Can you imagine players in my time, like Roy Keane, going to Anfield and being okay with the taunting and the chants like that lot were yesterday? David de Gea and Marcus Rashford aside, the players need to take a long look at themselves."

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