Stoke City defender Erik Pieters is currently on loan at Ligue 1 side Amiens SC and must decide at the end of the season whether to stay at the club or return to England, with his wife's wishes reportedly a key part of the decision.

Pieters signed on loan for the Ligue 1 side in the January transfer window after playing over 200 times for the Potters and scoring three goals, two of which came in the first half of the season.


His wife did not move with him to France and family matters could dictate whether the Dutchman stays with Les Licornes or makes a return to Stoke at the end of the season.

Speaking to French outlet Courrier Picard, Pieters said: "We can never know what football holds for us.

"it's both good and bad, because on the one hand, you want stability for you and your family.


“For us, it's easy, we play football, we meet people. But for our partners in life, it's less obvious. At a certain point, you also have to choose according to your family. Has this moment arrived? We can never be sure.

“I am alone in Amiens, my wife [reality TV star Nermina Mekic] stayed in England and she's going back and forth. I am very grateful to her," Pieters added.

“My parents and my family live in the Netherlands. It is not very far and they can attend some of my matches. And when I have days off, I try to return to England.”


Pieters has settled well with his new team, playing six times this year in Ligue 1 and even scoring the winner against Nimes Olympique this month.

“I feel good in the group. The guys are nice. They made me feel at home right away. It really was not hard to get along with everyone. The French language remains difficult, but I understand roughly what my teammates say and want.

“I have learned a little bit, on YouTube! I'm trying to learn the basics so that I can understand. Learning good French will be the next step.”